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Alternative christmas Krampus, Fiona Biddington, paper argonauts
Krampus wooden christmas decoration hangs on tree

A horned and hairy, anthropomorphic beast recorded as early as 7th century, Krampus is most commonly found in the folklore from the deepest, darkest European Alpine forests. 
Legend tells he visits children on Christmas eve alongside Saint Nicholas, and whilst the good receive gifts and blessings, the naughty receive a thrashing from Krampus’s birch rods, or worse, taken away in his sack never to return! 

Krampus Night is still celebrated on the 5th of December, the day before his companion St. Nicholas's feast day on the 6th.


Designed as part of an alternative Christmas range.  This two colour, screen printed ornament is laser cut from sustainable plywood offcuts which would otherwise be thrown away.

Printed with waterbased inks before being given a coat of beeswax for protection, and hung with original 100% cotton Bakers Twine, made in England.

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